Rhythmic Retreat

Piano Course

Beginners’ Level

Play your favorite song in 10 lessons from 0!

roll-up piano

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    pre-recorded interactive
    Piano Course

    for adults
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    well balanced with both – theory and practice
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    created by certified teacher
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    first UAE
    piano course
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    official: licensed by UAE government
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    suitable for
    & teenagers

This course is for you if:

  • you have an amazing job but there’s not enough creativity in it
  • playing piano was your childhood dream but you are very busy and want flexibility, and freedom in learning from the comfort of your home
  • you are burnt out due to busy lifestyle and need a stress-relief/meditation
  • you bought piano once out of curiosity or for decoration and want to start playing it
  • you want to impress someone special with a talented side of your personality
  • you want to expand your general knowledge and speak the same language with musicians
  • you want to diversify your social media content and increase engagement

Course program

  • 1
    Introduction Day. Getting to know the instrument
  • 2
    Practice Day. Popular Music
  • 3
    Fundamentals of music theory
  • 4
    Practice Day. Classical music
  • 5
    Music notation intro
  • 6
    Practice Day. Popular music
  • 7
    Music meter. Time signature. Notes value. Bars, etc.
  • 8
    Practice Day. Classical music
  • 9
    Other elements of music theory
  • 10
    Final day. The last but not the least


  • Solo 1100 AED (300$)

    Full access to course recordings

    Access for 60 days

    Roll-up piano*

    Unlimited slots

  • TOP
    Popular 2200 AED (600$)

    Full access to course recordings

    Access for 90 days

    Roll-up piano*

    Teacher’s feedback

    Homework checking and corrections

    1 face-to-face session with course creator

    300 slots

  • VIP 5000 AED (1360$)

    10 face-to-face lessons with Mariia

    Personalized schedule according to your needs

    Roll-up piano*

    All learning materials provided

    Mandatory homework

    Progress check and adjusting course if needed

    20 slots

*Roll-up piano is provided if you do not have piano instrument at home. Free shipping is limited to UAE region. Limited-time offer.